The Why

The Founding Story

For almost a decade before founding Intelogos, I was the founder and CEO of a software development agency. In January 2022, the agency was acquired along with a team of 25 remote workers from around the world. I cherished my time leading this talented group of individuals and believe that the success of the business came because of their amazing effort. But despite having a fantastic team, running the company was not always easy. We faced challenges such as staff departures at critical times, subpar work from employees, and my own struggles with providing effective feedback.

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How Lack of Objective Metrics Hurts Everyone in Your Company

In today's fast-paced and competitive work environment, it's important for both employees and employers to have clear and objective metrics to measure performance and progress. Unfortunately, many companies still rely on subjective measures, such as personal opinions and perceptions, to evaluate their employees and make important decisions. This lack of objective metrics can have serious consequences for both employees and employers.

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Why Taking Screenshots of Your Employees' Computers Is a Bad Idea

Taking screenshots of employees' computers is a controversial issue that raises ethical, legal, and privacy concerns. While it may seem like a simple solution to monitor employee productivity, it can lead to many negative consequences that far outweigh any perceived benefits.

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Why It's Crucial for Employees to Receive Objective Feedback

Constructive feedback is an essential tool for individual and organizational growth. Employees thrive when they receive feedback that is both informative and constructive. However, it is important for employers to ensure that the feedback is objective and relevant.

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Performance management surveys suck

The use of surveys and questionnaires to measure employee performance has become increasingly popular among organizations in recent years. However, despite their apparent ease and convenience, these tools have several drawbacks that can ultimately hinder employee growth and development. There are multiple problems that can come from using surveys and questionnaires but below we'll highlight the two big ones.

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AI performance management for remote teams

In recent years, there has been a significant surge in the trend of remote working and an increasing number of companies are moving to a distributed team model or hybrid format. As the remote workforce expands, organizations face unique challenges in effectively managing the performance of remote workers. However, with the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and performance management platforms, there is a significant opportunity to address these challenges and optimize performance management for remote teams.

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