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Intelogos analyzes users behavior on the computer and turns it into detailed stats that describe main work qualities. All stats are collected automatically and provide you with detailed data on how individuals and whole teams are performing.

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New level of people analytics

Detailed stats to help you understand and improve performance of your teams.


This stat indicates your interaction level with the computer during the work.


Helps understand if you have invested enough time in completing their work.

Work rate

Work rate measures the total effort applied in completing a task.


Stamina level shows if the person can sustain prolonged periods of high activity output.


Indicates how often and how easily can a person get distracted.


Shows how fast a person is usually to respond and assist.

Task Speed

Measures the speed at which a person can complete their tasks.


Indicates how positive the person is around others in the team.


Indicates how efficient the person is in completing their tasks.


Indicates if person can be relied on to complete their work on time.


This stat helps understand how good the person is at working with others.

Time management

This helps understand how good the person is at planning their time.

Automatically collected

All stats are measured automatically. Nobody in your team need to change the way they work. Just keep our desktop widget running and it will automatically measure performance to make it easier for you and your team members to find ways to improve performance.

Main work qualities

Intelogos stats are made to resemble main work qualities for most jobs. From activity to positivity, from teamwork to stamina - we make it easy to understand and compare performance of different people.

Dive deep to learn even more

Each stat is not just a single number. Press on any stat to dive deeper and see what it consists of. Understand what this stat means, why it is important and see detailed view of what is counted towards the final stat.

Understand your team.
Improve your work.

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