A company is only
as good as its people

Intelogos is dedicated to helping those at the heart of your business – your team. Empower them to grow, excel, and enhance their wellbeing.

People analytics that help your team grow

Never spend time gathering people analytics. Intelogos does it automatically for you, without wasting anyone's time.


Big Data Analytics

Intelogos millions of data points associated with work, wellbeing, burnout, and performance.


Easy to understand

Data is transformed into easy-to-understand formats that show how the company is doing.

Company performance dashboardTeam ratingCategorize time analyticsPerformance progress
Artificial intelligence suggestionsusing AI in HRAI use in HR

AI-driven insights that can save you time and money

Get expert suggestions and notifications that can help your entire team do better, be better, and feel better.


Empower managers with AI

Managers receive notifications that can help  anticipate problems and spot opportunities.


Use AI to help Employees Grow

Employees receive notifications that can highlight what to do to grow their career.

Use analytics and AI to solve your most pressing issues

Intelogos helps you combine automatic people analytics with swift AI analysis to improve performance, teamwork, wellbeing, and even avoid burnout.

Productivity handsPerformance management
Automatic performance management
Automatic performance managementEmployee productivityEmployee performanceTime tracking and performance

Understand and improve performance

Help individuals recognize their strengths and weaknesses, and assist managers in providing actionable feedback.

Understand the total performance effort

Gain valuable insights into performance, effort, and work dynamics throughout your team.

Compare it with performance results

Compare the effort to the results to understand behavior patterns that lead to the best outcomes.


Make sure your team feels appreciated

Empower your team by making them feel valued and their contributions recognized through gamification and awards.

Add gamification with awards and bonuses

Create a range of awards and bonuses that are automatically awarded to the best performers.

Boost teamwork with Peer-to-peer recognition

Use peer-to-peer recognition to help your team express their appreciation for each other.

Employee awardsEmployee gamificationTeam recognition
Employee burnoutEmployee burnout preventionMeasure burnout risk

Prevent burnout and improve wellbeing

Use people analytics to prevent teams from burning out. Decrease turnover by making sure your team is happy to come back to work.

Monitor potential burnout causes

Prevent burnout by minimizing potential causes before they lead to more serious problems.

Work to mitigate burnout symptoms

Spot common burnout symptoms and help your team work through them.


Develop a positive, supportive culture

Boost team engagement and mood by including them in automatically scheduled buddy calls and celebrations.

Celebrate milestones and birthdays

Lift the spirits by celebrating milestones, anniversaries, and birthdays together.

Use buddy calls to build strong connections

Improve teamwork with the help of onboarding and ongoing buddy calls for your entire company.

Team buildingTeambuilding for companiesCelebrate team birthdays
Automatic time off requestTask breakdownTeam managementAutomatic time off approval

Run your company on autopilot

Easily set up automatic time-off approvals, comprehensive company directory, knowledge base, understand your headcount and workload.

Manage time off approvals automatically

Create custom time off policies, rules for automatic and multi-person approvals.

Understand and distribute workload

Understand and optimize your current team's workload and headcount.


Privacy and transparency your team will love

Performance management software with an employee-centered approach that focuses on what is important for your team: data privacy and career growth.

Automatic people analytics

private by design

We believe that all people analytics must help employees retain privacy. That's why we provide a nonintrusive solution focused on employee privacy. No keystroke logging, no screenshots, no video recording. Stay calm, knowing your data is private.

Software employees love

transparent in nature

Each user gets access to their own data and stats, so they always know what to expect and how to improve.

easy to automate

Intelogos can be easily set up to work automatically in the background. No need to manually turn it on or off.

Helps career growth

Provides data that can help users understand their strengths and weaknesses, and supercharge their career growth.

Makes everyone's job easier

Intelogos can help everyone do their work better. From owners and CEOs to HR managers, from team leads to juniors - everyone can use Intelogos to improve the quality of their work.

Understand your team and improve its effectiveness

Intelogos provides access to diverse data layers, enhancing your understanding of your team. Utilize this data along with AI-driven recommendations to streamline workload, manage headcount effectively, boost engagement, and increase your business's overall profitability.

  • Quickly understand how your company is performing
  • Get detailed information about individual performance
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement
Upcoming time offCompany productivity tracker

Streamline HR Operations with Actionable Insights

Intelogos equips HR Managers with comprehensive analytics to streamline HR operations effectively. Utilize in-depth data and AI recommendations to refine talent management, optimize employee engagement strategies, and enhance overall workforce productivity.

  • Get real-time attendance and work hours data
  • Provide your team with data-driven feedback
  • Focus on building meaningful relationships
Time and attendance softwareAI for HR managers

Lead with Confidence Using Real-Time Team Analytics

With Intelogos, Team Leads gain access to real-time performance data of their teams, enabling them to lead with greater insight and effectiveness. Use these analytics to balance workloads, nurture talent, and drive team success, all while fostering a culture of openness and continuous growth.

  • Easily distribute workload based on real-time data
  • Spot and prevent issues leading to delays
  • Build a culture of appreciation and continuous growth
Time tracking softwareTask manager analytics

Supercharge Your Growth with Personalized Data

Intelogos is more than just a tool for the company – it's a personal growth platform for employees. Get clear, AI-driven feedback on your performance, understand your strengths, and identify areas for development, all within a supportive and transparent workplace culture.

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Avoid subjective reviews and unfair treatment
  • Use data to take your career to new heights
Employee awardsEmployee rewards software

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