Employee Time And Attendance Tracking Software

Intelogos is an employee time and attendance tracking software with AI-driven performance management and genuine people analytics. Gain insights into your team's dynamics and provide effective feedback that fosters their growth.

Everything you need in a time tracking app

Our time tracking app has all the features you might need: detailed reports, automatic reminders, and tracking by projects, teams, and clients. We've got you covered.
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Track Time Per Client

Gain enhanced flexibility in tracking time by team, client, or project with Intelogos, offering a versatile system for precise time management and organization.
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Time Tracking Reminder

To prevent the loss of valuable work hours due to forgetting to start the timer, Intelogos has added a new reminder feature that can be customized by each user to fit their own schedule.
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Export And Customize Reports

With Intelogos, you can easily download the reports it creates. Intelogos collects and organizes data, making it simple to share and analyze it in different formats.
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Smart spreadsheets

Unlike many other apps, Intelogos presents time tracking data not in a conventional table format, but rather in a spreadsheet-like interface with basic Excel features, including summarization, averaging, and minimum and maximum value calculations.
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Attendance breakdown

Intelogos goes beyond mere time tracking, offering a color-coded, user-friendly attendance table. Easily identify who has worked under or over their allotted hours, who has taken time off, and who has been absent without reason.
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Time off management

Stay informed about who is currently working and who is on vacation with our simple time-off management system. Customize your leave policy, take advantage of automatic approval features, and stay organized with our intuitive calendar interface.

Real-time data attendance and online status of your workers

Stay informed with up-to-the-minute attendance data, ensuring you're always in the loop, while also effortlessly keeping track of online and current working statuses in real-time for a comprehensive understanding of your team's dynamics.
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Employee time and attendance tracking

Effortlessly track overall employee attendance with our color-coded table, offering a visual snapshot of workforce dynamics. Identify dedicated workers, those underworking, absences, and employees on vacation at a glance, streamlining attendance management for enhanced efficiency.

Customize, Download, and Receive Reports

Customize your reports to fit your specific requirements and download them for effortless analysis. Access comprehensive reports and analytics via dashboard widgets and time page highlights, providing a detailed overview of your data. Additionally, receive detailed reports directly to your email for convenience, ensuring seamless accessibility to informed decision-making.
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Prioritize Employee Empowerment

Our employee-friendly approach grants easy access to attendance and work data, fostering transparency and engagement. Seamlessly integrate our almost invisible desktop app, discreetly operating in the background for non-intrusive tracking. Additionally, stay on top of productivity with personalized reminders, ensuring a smooth initiation of the tracking process.

Absence and time off tracking

Effortlessly manage and record employee time-offs and absences with our comprehensive absence tracking feature, providing a seamless solution for workforce management. Gain insights into who is working during their time off and track online statuses.
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Why Intelogos

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Big Data Analytics

Intelogos millions of data points associated with work, wellbeing, burnout, and performance.
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Easy To Understand

Data is transformed into easy-to-understand formats that show how the company is doing.
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Empower Managers

Managers receive notifications that can help anticipate problems & spot opportunities.
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AI for Employee Growth

Employees receive notifications that can highlight what to do to grow their career.

How employee time tracking works

Download the Intelogos desktop app

To start, ensure that your team downloads the Intelogos desktop app, available for both Windows and Mac. Intelogos doesn’t make screenshots, video recordings, or key-logging. Instead, we focus on your privacy and security.

Automatically track time and attendance

To automate the tracking process, you can customize the setup of the desktop app based on various options. Whether you're on Windows or Mac, Intelogos provides flexible configurations to meet your specific needs.

View reports based on the collected data

Intelogos transforms collected data into downloadable reports and user-friendly widgets, providing a comprehensive overview of your employees worked time and attendance.

Why use a time tracking app?

Simple, transparent pricing that grows with you. Try any plan free for 30 days.
Why include a time tracking app like Intelogos into your workflow? Intelogos' comprehensive time tracking feature not only makes it easier to understand and optimize the time spent on work tasks, but also offers many additional features to improve your productivity. From tracking time by project or team to providing detailed reports and customizable time tracking reminders, Intelogos easily meets all your time tracking needs. Moreover, it is important to note that while time tracking is a fundamental aspect of Intelogos, its capabilities go far beyond, making it an essential tool for improving overall efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

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