All done automatically,
Without Breaking a Sweat

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Get powerful performance data

Help individuals recognize their strengths and weaknesses, and assist managers in providing actionable feedback.

Understand the total performance effort

Gain valuable insights into performance, effort, and work dynamics throughout your team.

Compare it with performance results

Compare the effort to the results to understand behavior patterns that lead to the best outcomes.


Anticipate problems,
Seize opportunities

By analyzing thousands of data points, Intelogos provides summary observations and suggestions on what to do next.

Save time by having AI analyze the data

Intelogos saves you time by analyzing the data and giving you improvement suggestions.

Suggestions for owners, employees, managers

The data is transformed into suggestions for your entire team, from juniors to senior managers.

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No questionnaires,
But all the answers

Stop wasting time on questionnaires that employees and managers rarely, if ever, like. Get all the answers without distracting your team.

Eliminate time waste, focus on growing

Switch to performance management that both employees and managers like.

Get accurate data to make better decisions

Base your decisions on objective data instead of subjective questionnaires.


Run your company on autopilot

Prevent burnout, improve team building, run automatic time-off approvals, knowledge base, and understand team headcount.

Prevent burnout, Improve teambuilding

Lift the spirits by celebrating milestones, anniversaries, and birthdays together.

Manage time off approvals automatically

Create custom time off policies, rules for automatic and multi-person approvals.

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Performance management high fivePerformance management hand