Understand And Improve
Your Team. Automatically.

No more wasted time and awkward conversations. Use AI performance management and true people analytics to get understanding of your team and give effective feedback that helps them grow.

All Done Automatically,
Without Breaking A Sweat

Get powerful performance data

Help your team recognize their strengths and weaknesses, and assist managers in providing actionable feedback. Understand the total performance effort and gain valuable insights into performance, effort, and work dynamics throughout your team. Compare it with performance results to understand behavior patterns that lead to the best outcomes.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Anticipate problems,
seize opportunities

By analyzing thousands of data points, Intelogos provides summary observations and suggestions on what to do next, saving you time with AI-driven data analysis and improvement suggestions. Transforming the data into actionable suggestions, it caters to your entire team, from juniors to senior managers.

No questionnaires,
but all the answers

Stop wasting time on unpopular questionnaires for employees and managers. Obtain answers without distracting your team and focus on growth. Switch to a performance management system liked by both employees and managers. Make informed decisions with accurate objective data, eliminating reliance on subjective questionnaires.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Run your company on autopilot

Prevent burnout, enhance team building, automate time-off approvals, access a knowledge base, and understand team headcount. Celebrate milestones, anniversaries, and birthdays together to boost morale. Manage time-off approvals seamlessly with custom policies and rules for automatic and multi-person approvals.

Why Intelogos

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Big Data Analytics

Intelogos millions of data points associated with work, wellbeing, burnout, and performance.
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Easy To Understand

Data is transformed into easy-to-understand formats that show how the company is doing.
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Empower Managers

Managers receive notifications that can help anticipate problems & spot opportunities.
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AI for Employee Growth

Employees receive notifications that can highlight what to do to grow their career.

Solve your most critical challenges today

Address your urgent workforce challenges without delay. Intelogos offers simple solutions that empower both businesses and employees to succeed together.
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Keep your best people

Intelogos helps identify your top performers, allowing you to focus your retention efforts on the people you can't afford to lose.

Find low performers

Quickly identify low performers in your company so that you can provide them feedback for growth or optimize headcount.

Spot and prevent burnout

Monitor ongoing causes and symptoms of burnout to ensure your top performers remain with the company longer.

Understand and balance workload

Understand workload levels across departments to make better decisions about distributing work, or when to hire and fire.

Improve engagement

Use employee recognition and automatic awards to keep your best people motivated and engaged with their work.

Boost company profits

Make data-driven decisions about optimizing your company's workload and headcount to optimize efficiency and improve profits.

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