Identify and prevent employee burnout.

The Intelogos burnout feature is designed to help employers and employees identify and prevent the causes and symptoms of burnout within your team.
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All Done Automatically,
Without Breaking A Sweat

Recognize burnout causes

Burnout silently threatens your team's morale and productivity. No vacation in months? We flag delays in taking vacations and raise a warning for those teetering on the edge of work-life imbalance. Taking on too much for too long? Our system sounds the alarm for sustained high work rate too, providing a friendly reminder for you about your workers.
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Take care of those who got symptoms

Though Intelogos, as software, cannot precisely diagnose burnout, it can identify potential symptoms contributing to its development. By recognizing serious signs of fatigue and exhaustion, we notify the user's manager to investigate their situation and consider necessary actions.

Keep employees mental health under control

To avoid the 'nocebo' effect we made sure that regular users won't receive annouying notifications that he's walking on the edge. Instead we provide quick overviews and detailed reports to their managers. Aggregated data reveals patterns and trends, highlighting potential burnout risks and areas for proactive intervention.
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Employee Burnout
Prevention Features

Explore our suite of features designed to enhance productivity, optimize workforce performance, monitor well-being, and identify early signs of burnout.
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Detailed employee analytics

Go beyond monitoring employee time data. Gain deeper insights into your team's activities and stats, bring added clarity, and support your company's growth.
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Time tracking & attendance

Intelogos simplifies time tracking for work, providing project and team-specific tracking with detailed reports. The attendance feature provides a quick overview of employee's availability patterns.
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AI employee monitoring software

Improve your employees performance with AI-driven suggestions. Intelogos collects objective data and analyzes it, offering recommendations that can help your company grow.
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Employee recognition

Make your employees feel valued and appreciated with an automated award system based on actual users performance and peer-to-peer recognition feature.
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Burnout prevention

Protect your team from burnout. Our employee monitoring software identifies potential stressors, allowing you to intervene and create a balanced work environment.
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Time off management

Simplify time off management: customize the policy to suit your needs, utilize automatic approval feature, and stay organized with our intuitive calendar.

How to prevent employee burnout

Preventing employee burnout is essential, and the easiest way to achieve it is by avoiding it altogether. Intelogos plays a crucial role in this effort by monitoring and detecting early signs and symptoms of burnout. The objective data it provides enables informed decisions on preventive actions.

Maintaining work-life balance

‍Encouraging a healthy equilibrium between work and personal life to ensure employees can recharge and avoid excessive stress.

Empowering professional growth

Creating conducive conditions for professional development ensures that employees feel motivated and engaged, reducing the risk of burnout.

Supporting well-being

Establishing clear time-off policies enables employees to take the necessary breaks for proper relaxation, contributing to overall well-being.

Preventive measures

By incorporating preventive measures into our workplace culture, we strive to create an environment where burnout is minimized, and our team can thrive both professionally and personally.

Why Intelogos

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Big Data Analytics

Intelogos millions of data points associated with work, wellbeing, burnout, and performance.
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Easy To Understand

Data is transformed into easy-to-understand formats that show how the company is doing.
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Empower Managers

Managers receive notifications that can help anticipate problems & spot opportunities.
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AI for Employee Growth

Employees receive notifications that can highlight what to do to grow their career.

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