Employee monitoring software

Empower your team with insightful monitoring: Intelogos delivers comprehensive performance analysis, ensuring productivity, well-being, and success across your organization.

AI-based Employee Monitoring Software

New era employee monitoring

Empower your team with our employee monitoring software, aiding in the identification of strengths and weaknesses. Support managers in delivering actionable feedback and comprehensively understand the total performance effort. Gain valuable insights into performance, effort, and work dynamics across your team using our employee monitoring software. Compare these insights with performance results to discern behavior patterns that lead to optimal outcomes.
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All-in-one employee tracking solution

Use our employee monitoring software to avoid burnout, strengthen your team, automate time-off approvals, access helpful information, and keep track of your team size. Boost team spirit by celebrating milestones, anniversaries, and birthdays together. Easily manage time-off requests with custom policies and automatic approvals.

Maximize Employee Productivity

Unlock peak performance: learn how to optimize your team's efficiency and productivity with our innovative solution.
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Apps and website usage

Monitor app and website usage throughout the work time, ensuring optimal productivity and providing valuable insights for efficient workflow management.

Activity tracking

Identify workers who may be inactive or idle through activity monitoring, enabling proactive measures to maintain a dynamic and engaged workforce.

Deep analytics data

From tracking work by the hour to observing engagement levels for each piece of software, Intelogos offers an unparalleled level of detail.

AI-based suggestions

Intelogos automatically generates performance-based suggestions to each member of your team.

Employee Monitoring Features

Explore our suite of employee monitoring features designed to enhance productivity, foster accountability, and optimize workforce performance.
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Detailed employee analytics

Go beyond monitoring employee time data. Gain deeper insights into your team's activities and stats, bring added clarity, and support your company's growth.
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Time tracking & attendance

Intelogos simplifies time tracking for work, providing project and team-specific tracking with detailed reports. The attendance feature provides a quick overview of employee's availability patterns.
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AI employee monitoring software

Improve your employees performance with AI-driven suggestions. Intelogos collects objective data and analyzes it, offering recommendations that can help your company grow.
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Employee recognition

Make your employees feel valued and appreciated with an automated award system based on actual users performance and peer-to-peer recognition feature.
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Burnout prevention

Protect your team from burnout. Our employee monitoring software identifies potential stressors, allowing you to intervene and create a balanced work environment.
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Time off management

Simplify time off management: customize the policy to suit your needs, utilize automatic approval feature, and stay organized with our intuitive calendar.

Why use an employee monitoring app?

Employee monitoring software is a powerful tool designed to provide organizations with comprehensive insights into the activities, productivity, and well-being of their workforce. By leveraging advanced technology, this software enables employers to track and analyze various aspects of employee performance, including task completion rates, time management, and overall engagement. With real-time data and customizable metrics, businesses gain the ability to make informed decisions, optimize workflows, and foster a culture of transparency and accountability. Discover how employee monitoring software can transform your organization's operations and elevate productivity to new heights
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Why Intelogos

Big Data Analytics

Intelogos millions of data points associated with work, wellbeing, burnout, and performance.

Easy To Understand

Data is transformed into easy-to-understand formats that show how the company is doing.

Empower Managers

Managers receive notifications that can help anticipate problems & spot opportunities.

AI for Employee Growth

Employees receive notifications that can highlight what to do to grow their career.

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