Employee monitoring software

Intelogos' comprehensive employee monitoring software provides instant, performance-enhancing visibility into your team's workflow. Use data to guide decisions on work policies.

Features of Employee Monitoring Software

Intelogos helps you combine automatic employee analytics with swift AI analysis to improve performance, teamwork, wellbeing, and  avoid burnout.

Measure performance, boost productivity

Intelogos monitors users activity in an innovative manner. It measures not only the activity but most importantly, work rate, stamina, focus, and availability. These stats demonstrate the effort the user puts into the work.
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Analyze results

Intelogos uses a wide range of data sources providing statistics that reflect responsibility, productivity, diligence, and work volume level. This makes it much easier for you to evaluate the effort put in versus the results achieved.

Real-time activity monitoring

Intelogos uses real-time employee monitoring enables instant updates to tracked data and online status. Computer activity monitoring solutions allow you to understand how employees are using their computers right now.
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Dashboard mockup

User Activity Reports

Intelogos provides customizable company and personal dashboards. These offer a detailed overview of collected data to both company managers and employees. You can set up and receive detailed activity reports straight to your email for a seamless company or personal overview.

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Don’t just take our word for it

"Robust analytics capabilities and AI-driven automation of Intelogos make it a valuable asset for organizations looking to unlock the true potential of their workforce. All the best to team Intelogos for the launch."
Max Yamp
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"Analytics capabilities are one of the standout aspects of Intelogos. Which provide valuable insights into individual and team performance."
Hritik Verma
Web 3 + Marketing + Finance
"I've been using Intelogos for a while and I love it. It' is a smart and reliable way to manage my remote team. Highly recommending."
Richard M. Brooks
Founder getirjek.com

Frequently asked questions

Is it secure to track activity?
Intelogos doesn’t make screenshots, video recordings, or key-logging. Instead, we focus on your privacy and security.
How does Intelogos employee monitoring software improve productivity?
The software helps identify productivity bottlenecks, track how time is spent on tasks, and provide data-driven insights to optimize workflow and enhance overall efficiency.
Is it possible to customize the monitoring parameters?
Yes, Intelogos allows customization of monitoring parameters to fit the specific needs and policies of your organization, ensuring relevant data is collected.
Can employees access their own performance data?
Intelogos provides employees with their own performance metrics, fostering transparency and encouraging self-improvement.
Can employee monitoring software help with employee training and development?
Yes, Intelogos can identify skill gaps and performance issues, providing valuable data that can be used to tailor training and development programs to address specific needs and improve overall employee performance.

How to Use Intelogos as Your Employee Monitoring Software

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1. Invite your team members
Invite your employees to Intelogos so they can download the desktop app and start tracking their performance. Whether they are on Windows or Mac, Intelogos provides flexible configurations to meet your specific needs.
2. Download Intelogos employee monitoring software
To start tracking, ensure that your team downloads the Intelogos desktop app, available for both Windows and Mac. Intelogos doesn’t make screenshots, video recordings, or key-logging. Instead, we focus on your privacy and security.
3. Start monitoring employee performance
To ensure Intelogos collects enough data, wait 24 hours. Afterward, check the dashboard to get a company overview. Each user's profile will provide personal performance stats for individual employees.
4. Get AI powered reports and suggestions
Intelogos can generate smart suggestions and reports to help you improve team performance. Additionally, Intelogos can send you comprehensive email reports to keep you informed about how things are going on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.

Makes Everyone's Job Easier

Understand Your Team
And Improve Its Effectiveness

Intelogos provides access to diverse data layers, enhancing your understanding of your team. Utilize this data along with AI-driven recommendations to streamline workload, manage headcount effectively, boost engagement, and increase your business's overall profitability.

  • Quickly understand how your company is performing

  • Get detailed information about individual performance

  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement

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Streamline HR Operations
With Actionable Insights

Intelogos equips HR Managers with comprehensive analytics to streamline HR operations effectively. Utilize in-depth data and AI recommendations to refine talent management, optimize employee engagement strategies, and enhance overall workforce productivity.

  • Get real-time attendance and work hours data

  • Provide your team with data-driven feedback

  • Focus on building meaningful relationships

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Lead With Confidence Using
Real-Time Team Analytics

With Intelogos, Team Leads gain access to real-time performance data of their teams, enabling them to lead with greater insight and effectiveness. Use these analytics to balance workloads, nurture talent, and drive team success, all while fostering a culture of openness and continuous growth.

  • Easily distribute workload based on real-time data

  • Spot and prevent issues leading to delays

  • Build a culture of appreciation and continuous growth

project tracking and task movement

Supercharge Your Growth
With Personalized Data

Intelogos is more than just a tool for the company – it's a personal growth platform for employees. Get clear, AI-driven feedback on your performance, understand your strengths, and identify areas for development, all within a supportive and transparent workplace culture.

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses

  • Avoid subjective reviews and unfair treatment

  • Use data to take your career to new heights

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Maximize Employee Productivity

Unlock peak performance: learn how to optimize your team's efficiency and productivity with our innovative solution.
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Apps and website usage

Monitor app and website usage throughout the work time, ensuring optimal productivity and providing valuable insights for efficient workflow management.

Activity tracking

Identify workers who may be inactive or idle through activity monitoring, enabling proactive measures to maintain a dynamic and engaged workforce.

Deep analytics data

From tracking work by the hour to observing engagement levels for each piece of software, Intelogos offers an unparalleled level of detail.

AI-based suggestions

Intelogos automatically generates performance-based suggestions to each member of your team.

Why Use an Employee Monitoring Software?

Intelogos enhances workplace happiness and satisfaction by promoting transparency, engagement, and personal growth.

Activity and performance insights help in finding spots for improvement and gain insights into your career progression.
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All Intelogos Features

Explore our suite of remote employee monitoring features designed to enhance productivity, foster accountability, and optimize workforce performance.
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Detailed Employee Monitoring

Go beyond monitoring employee time data. Gain deeper insights into your team's activities and stats, bring added clarity, and support your company's growth.
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Time Tracking

Intelogos simplifies remote employee tracking by offering project-specific time tracking with detailed reports. This feature enables precise monitoring of work hours, enhancing accountability and project management efficiency.
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Performance Management

Improve your employees performance with AI-driven suggestions. Intelogos collects objective data and analyzes it, offering recommendations that can help your company grow.
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Employee Recognition

Make your remote employees feel valued and appreciated with an automated award system based on actual users performance and peer-to-peer recognition feature.
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Burnout Prevention

Protect your team from burnout. Our remote employee monitoring software identifies potential stressors, allowing you to intervene and create a balanced work environment.
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Time Off Management

Simplify time off management: customize the policy to suit your needs, utilize automatic approval feature, and stay organized with our intuitive calendar.
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Attendance Tracking

Intelogos offers a quick overview of employee availability patterns. It helps managers easily monitor and analyze attendance data to ensure optimal productivity and workforce management.
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Remote Employee Monitoring

Intelogos is a cutting-edge remote employee monitoring software that goes beyond time and activity tracking. It also evaluates focus, stamina, availability, and various other performance metrics.
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Computer Monitoring

Activity tracking is based on keyboard and mouse usage. This feature also helps identify the tools your employees use most, providing insights for efficiency improvements.

Why Intelogos

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Big Data Analytics

Intelogos millions of data points associated with work, wellbeing, burnout, and performance.
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Easy To Understand

Data is transformed into easy-to-understand formats that show how the company is doing.
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Empower Managers

Managers receive notifications that can help anticipate problems & spot opportunities.
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AI for Employee Growth

Employees receive notifications that can highlight what to do to grow their career.

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