Top 10 Time Tracking Tools for 2024

January 26, 2024

Have you ever thought about the reason behind the never-ending day? With constant meetings, calls, emails, and more meetings, it can be challenging for business owners to manage and fit everything into their schedule.

Time tracking software is a helpful solution in such situations. In this post, we will discuss the top choices for time tracking software and provide a template that can assist in understanding your time usage.

Time Tracking Software: What is it and Why is it Essential for Teams?

With the help of time tracking software, you can monitor your time as well as that of your team's tasks. This tool allows you to have a clear view of how your team is utilizing their time, and also enhances the precision of workload estimates.

The utilization of this tool provides valuable understanding into one's work patterns, enables better organization of one's schedule, and enhances the overall efficiency of the entire team.

Essential Components of a Time Tracking System

When selecting a software for tracking time, it is important to consider the following essential features:

  • Time Tracking: The main function of time tracking software is the timer, which allows you to accurately record your work hours in real-time, down to the second.
  • Various methods for entering time: The software should offer manual entry as well as automatic tracking options. This allows each user to customize their setup according to their preference.
  • Integration with project management: The top time tracking tools can be integrated with project management platforms, enabling users to create project-specific task lists, set project milestones, and monitor their team's time as they collaborate on projects.
  • Reporting capabilities: Time tracking software provides detailed reports, giving users a comprehensive breakdown of time spent on tasks and projects.
  • Reminders and notifications: In-app reminders can serve as a helpful tool to ensure the timer is turned on, preventing any missed work sessions.

The Intelogos Time Tracking feature includes a pre-installed time tracking feature, utilizing our visual software to efficiently manage tasks and increase productivity, ultimately saving both time and money.

What advantages does time tracking software offer?

The use of time tracking software extends beyond just recording time worked. Its analysis can greatly enhance effectiveness and productivity.

1. Encourages openness and honesty

One of the difficulties faced by project managers is to oversee the progress of a project without micromanaging. The use of time tracking software encourages transparency, as it allows employees to automatically track their working hours. This enables project managers to monitor their progress without constantly supervising their work.

The following is an instance of a time log that is utilized by Intelogos:

The Timesheet Template serves as a valuable tool for employees working remotely. It enables them to report their progress and monitor their billable hours for payroll purposes. For more information on this board and to begin using this template.

2. Increases efficiency

Using a time tracking application is a valuable method for assessing productivity. Simply by being conscious of the amount of time invested in activities such as social media - which individuals typically spend 144 minutes on per day, according to statista - and meetings, one can proactively address any potential productivity gaps.

3. Improves resource management

Using a time tracker is also beneficial in terms of resource management. It gives you a more accurate overview of your team’s capacity and how much they can take on.

A time tracking tool can even indicate potential bottlenecks or training needs. For example, if one employee spends 10 hours on a task and another spends 30 hours on a similar task, you’ll want to investigate further to figure out why.

4. Enhances time predictions

A comprehensive breakdown of the time dedicated to projects and specific tasks is offered by time tracking software. This allows for more accurate predictions and budgeting for upcoming tasks and projects.

5. Offers precise reports

For service providers, having a reliable method for invoicing clients is crucial. Utilizing time tracking software allows you to access and export a timesheet that displays a comprehensive breakdown of your working hours.

Top 10 Time Tracking Software Choices for 2024

After extensively exploring the various choices available, we have determined that the following 10 time tracking software platforms are the most exceptional for this year.

1. Intelogos

Ideal for: from start-ups to large corporations who need not only time tracking but also performance management together with employee wellbeing.

Important characteristics:

  • Automated time tracking: easily customize automated settings to optimize productivity
  • Precise data: perfect miscalculations of data from different sides spent on closing tasks and finishing time spent on different sites
  • Insights: provides automated recommendations on employee burnout or fatigue  
  • Real-time data: automated analysis of real-time data

Pricing choices:

Our Intelogos Time Tracking Software, offers a Time Tracking Column & Widget as part of its features, available in five different price plans.

  • Free: $0 per seat per month, with a maximum of 10 users
  • Standard: $12 per seat per month, with added features with per users
  • Pro: $16 per seat per month, with added features
  • Enterprise: Pricing can be customized

2. Toggl

Ideal for: Individuals and small groups looking for user-friendly time tracking software without unnecessary features.

Main Characteristics:

  • A time tracking tool that can be activated with a single click, and it can be used on various devices
  • More than 100 extensions are available for integration with Chrome and Firefox browsers
  • A dashboard for managing projects, allowing for predictions of deadlines and expenses


  • No Cost: $0 per month per seat, with a maximum of 5 users
  • Beginner Package: $9 per month per seat, ideal for small teams
  • Deluxe: $18 per month per seat, with added functionalities
  • Customized Pricing: Price will be provided upon request for Enterprise plan, with unlimited users

3. Clockify

Ideal for: Groups in need of a no-cost fundamental time tracking program, but do not require complex project management capabilities.

Main characteristics:

  • Schedule -for organizing and keeping track of your schedule
  • Terminal - for clocking in from a shared device
  • Applications for desktop, web, and mobile - for convenient time logging from any location


  • Free: $0 per seat per month, with unlimited users
  • Basic Administration: $3.99 per seat per month
  • Standard Timesheeting and Billing: $5.49 per seat per month
  • Pro Productivity and Profit: $7.99 per seat per month
  • Enterprise: $11.99 per seat per month

4. Time Doctor

Ideal for: Companies and organizations with remote or hybrid teams who require effective scheduling for their employees.

Main Characteristics:

  • Tracking options for both online and offline activities - available in both manual and automatic modes
  • Scheduling for shifts and work - provided for all employees
  • Quiet tracking - allows time tracking without disrupting an employee's regular routines


  • Simple Plan: $5.90 per seat per month, for unlimited number of users
  • Standard Plan: $8.40 per seat per month, with added features
  • Premium Plan: $16.70 per seat per month, with extra features

5. Timecamp

Ideal for: When affordability is a major factor - TimeCamp offers unlimited user access for free.

Main Characteristics:

  • Unlimited users at no cost - allowing the entire team to begin tracking their time
  • Monitor employee work hours - choose between manual or automatic methods
  • Record project time and budget - access reports to analyze project information


  • Free: $0 per seat per month (limited tasks, no option to export Excel reports, no overtime tracking)
  • Starter: $2.99 per seat per month with added features
  • Basic: $5.99 per seat per month
  • Pro: $7.99 per seat per month
  • Enterprise: Pricing available upon request


Ideal for: Organizations of any size in need of a user-friendly time management tool as part of a comprehensive work management system and increased productivity.

Main Characteristics:

  • Real-time monitoring - monitor time from anywhere using our mobile application
  • Automated processes - effectively manage and monitor project time using one tool
  • Versatile analytics - view a detailed breakdown of time spent on projects, clients, and tasks.

Pricing choices:

  • Free: $0 per seat per month, with a maximum of 2 users
  • Basic: $9 per seat per month, with unlimited users
  • Standard: $12 per seat per month, with added features
  • Pro: $19 per seat per month, with added features
  • Enterprise: Pricing can be customized

7. Punctual

Ideal for: Organizations seeking AI-driven and automated time tracking solutions.

Main Characteristics:

  • Time tracking automation - automatically track time on web and desktop applications
  • Group time tracking - to gain a comprehensive understanding of your team's time usage
  • Monitor your time predictions - receive real-time updates on the accuracy of your project plans

Pricing choices:

  • Basic Plan: $9 per seat per month with a limit of 5 users
  • Advanced Plan: $16 per seat per month with a limit of 50 users
  • Enterprise Plan: $22 per seat per month for 50 or more users

8. Paymo

Ideal for: Small enterprises looking to precisely bill their customers by monitoring project hours.

Main characteristics:

  • The Web timer allows users to keep track of their time without leaving their browser
  • With the Tracking for active timers, users can easily view who is currently working on a task
  • The Live reports feature helps reduce the need for manual data entry


  • Free, $0 per seat per month, with a maximum of 1 user
  • Starter, $4.95 per seat per month, limited to 1 user
  • Small Office, $9.95 per seat per month, designed for small teams
  • Business, $20.70 per seat per month, suitable for medium and large teams

9. Thought-Provoking

Ideal for: When you require extensive data analysis in addition to your time tracking.

Main characteristics:

  • Comprehensive productivity analysis - to assess the productivity of your team throughout the day
  • Insights on location - to monitor the effects of remote and hybrid work
  • Streamlining workflows - to pinpoint problem areas and effectively manage resources


  • Monitoring for Employees: $8 per seat per month
  • Tracking Time: $10 per seat per month
  • Automated Time Mapping: $15 per seat per month
  • For Enterprises: Price available upon request

10. Justworks

Ideal for: Human Resources teams in need of a comprehensive HR platform that includes time tracking functionality.

Main characteristics:

  • Smartphone application - for convenient time logging by employees from any location
  • Seamless integration with accounting systems - to streamline time tracking and payment processes in a single platform
  • Automated notifications - to enhance employee responsibility and follow-through


  • Basic Plan: $59 per seat per month
  • Plus Plan: $99 per seat per month

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