How to automate time off management

Intelogos Team
March 19, 2024

Learn how to streamline time-off management with automation. Discover efficient solutions to optimize workforce productivity.

Managing time off requests is a form of "busywork" that, while necessary, doesn't directly contribute to business growth and can take up a significant amount of time if not managed efficiently. It involves taking requests, filing them, scheduling, and collaborating with various departments, which can be quite time-consuming.

Fortunately, Intelogos is here to save the day.

With Intelogos, you can create time off policies, multiple level approvals, and rules for auto approvals.

Create time off policies

By default, Intelogos comes ready with two policies: paid time off and unpaid time off. However, you can change them and also add any other policy you want.

To change your time off policies, tap on your avatar in the top right corner -> Settings -> Time off

With the default paid and unpaid policies, you can change how many days a year you would like it to be. To do that, write any number in the “Number of days” field.

If you look at the bottom of the page, you will also see “Add another time off type”. Press there to add a new time off policy. For that policy, you’ll be able to add its custom name and then also select the number of days you want it to have.

Adding multi-level approvals 

It is quite common that multiple people will need to approve someone’s time off. It’s quite easy to do in Intelogos. In order to have multiple people approve a certain time off, you need those people to become managers with time off rights.

To do that, press on your avatar in the top right corner -> User management -> Roles

From there, in the Role column, tap on the plus icon near the person you want to become an approver. Then select the manager role and make sure you have the check mark near the time off rights. Then press continue and select the people you want this person to manage, which includes the people whose time off you want the new manager to approve.

If you need multiple people to approve time offs of certain people, then just repeat the steps above for other managers.

Automating approvals 

Intelogos also makes it possible for you to save time by fully automating your time off approvals.

To set up automatic approvals, press on your avatar in the top right corner -> Settings -> Time off -> Turn on auto approval for the type of time off or policy you want.

Once it is on, you have three rules you can set. If you leave them empty, then all time offs in this policy will be automatically approved.

Days left until the start of time off: Here, you can set a rule to require auto approvals to work only if the request is made a certain time in advance. For example, maybe you don’t want auto approval to work when someone requests time off for the next few days. In this case, you can put 5 days here, and then auto approval will work only if it is requested 5 days in advance.

Days left in the time off policy: Here, you can set a rule that will ensure that people can’t use their entire number of time off days. For example, you can put 10 here, and then this auto-approval will work only if the user has at least 10 days left in the policy.

Maximum days requested: Here, you can set up a rule that will prevent automatic approvals from working for time offs that are too long. If you type in 3 here, then automatic approval won’t work if it is requested for 4 days or more.