How to keep the best employees around?

Intelogos Team
March 19, 2024

How to keep your best people around?

Well, first you need to know who the best people are. But if you know who they are, you also need to understand what makes them leave and how to prevent this with Intelogos.

Not feeling like their work is valued

Not feeling like their work is valued can be disheartening for those working hard, especially when treated the same as someone barely working. In such cases, top performers may lose motivation, look for another job, or become mediocre. To prevent this, ensure you give praise when it's deserved. Public praise can motivate more than a raise. Therefore, monitor effort and results closely and credit outstanding performance.

Moreover, you can integrate the Intelogos recognition module for peer-to-peer appreciation and automatic awards. Setting up custom awards based on specific stats or overall ratings is possible. For instance, an automatic award for the best overall performance of the month can be implemented, along with different awards for various departments, ensuring everyone has a fair chance at receiving recognition.

Peer-to-peer appreciation serves dual purposes: it fosters a culture of appreciation and respect within the team as members celebrate each other's victories, and it promotes values you wish to highlight. Allowing your team to tag their appreciations with a company value hashtag and rewarding the top individuals in each category with a bonus can be effective.

Getting burned out

Getting burned out is a risk for your top performers who enjoy working hard and strive to improve daily. To address this, Intelogos offers a burnout module to help track common causes and symptoms of burnout, enabling easy monitoring of your team's burnout levels and acting promptly if necessary. Notifications for critical burnout stages and access to individual burnout levels are provided to manage this risk effectively. By utilizing these notifications, you can intervene earlier to prevent burnout, fostering stronger growth and ultimately improving employee retention.

Managers showing distrust in their efforts

Managers showing distrust in their efforts can demoralize your top performers, who are working hard. Nothing ruins their mood more than when managers doubt their work and harass them for results urgently. It's advisable for managers to monitor their performance on Intelogos closely. If they are already working diligently, instead of pestering them and showing distrust, try to give them some space or offer help. This guide on how to spot top performance can be helpful. Pay close attention to their work rate and engagement levels to confirm their hard work.