How to help your team fall in love with Intelogos?

Intelogos Team
March 19, 2024

Learn how to inspire your team to embrace Intelogos with effective strategies and tips. Foster engagement and maximize productivity.

Adding new tools to your team's arsenal can be stressful. By now, you probably can clearly see the benefits Intelogos provides to managers and employers because it makes it easy to spot your best and worst performers and helps you keep the best people in your company.

But now, let's focus on showing how Intelogos helps the rest of your team.

Eliminates subjective bias

Intelogos helps eliminate the subjective bias that exists in most teams. With Intelogos, your team doesn't need to play politics or worry about how many friends they have in the company. Their effort and results speak for themselves. So, when it comes to getting a raise, there will be no surprises.

Identify strengths and weaknesses

Because Intelogos helps understand your performance, it can help you see what your strengths and weaknesses are. Whether it's looking at which time of day or day of the week you are more productive or looking at which apps you are naturally most engaged with, Intelogos brings clarity to understanding your work habits so that you can improve where needed while solidifying your best areas.

Creates a calm working environment

The two things that often make you uneasy at work are when you have to worry about someone believing you are working hard and when you get distracted during work. Fortunately, Intelogos helps with both of these things. First of all, you no longer need to worry that you have to prove something about your work. It's all in the data. So, work calmly and forget about proving it to anyone. Second, Intelogos has a focus stat that tells you exactly when and why you get distracted. So, if during certain times and days you get distracted a lot by messages and calls, then Intelogos will help you see it so that you can set your deep work time for other periods.

Understand where you stand in the team

Intelogos makes it possible for you to compare your own stats with those of people in your department and your entire company. Just look at the few icons above your stat widgets and choose which comparison you want to see. This helps you quickly understand how you are doing relative to others.

Intelogos doesn't interfere or take any time

Lastly, Intelogos is super easy to use. You can read our detailed guide on how to use it automatically here, but essentially it can run completely in the background without you worrying about it. It can start automatically; it can stop automatically. Set it and forget it!